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About Aditi Jasra


As a young mother of two beautiful little ones, I strongly believe in nurturing communities and leading a healthy lifestyle.

For me Yoga is all about having fun and immersing oneself in the experience while creating breath awareness and connecting with one’s self, ultimately recognizing cosmic presence and transcending self.

I have been practicing Yoga on and off the mat for almost 15 years now and have had honour to learn from some amazing, inspiring and well known established Yoga Gurus (Uchita:  Sonya Thomlinson and Harshad: Jeff David) of Tandava Yoga, Kelowna  and Swami Ramdev in India. I was first introduced to Yoga as a teenager by my paternal grandmother.

Having experimented and practiced at various studios across Canada like Bikram Yoga, Moksha Yoga, Iyengar style, Yin And Yang, Pre-natal Yoga etc, I finally found my calling in Kripalu style Hatha Yoga.

I am a certified Yoga instructor 200 HR as well as have my current standard CPR and First aid course in place. I am trained and able to teach classes that range from basic pranayama methods, beginners to intermediate Asana classes, including flow, Hatha, Surya Namaskara Intensive, Restorative, and Children’s Yoga.

My professional objective as a yoga instructor is to create a relaxed and safe environment for students and my clients to experience the benefits of a balanced yoga practice. With a strong emphasis on neutral alignment and attuning to body wisdom, my aim is to guide yoga practitioners from all walks of life to work with their own bodies, acknowledging what is and aiming for a profound awareness of mindful movements and deep breathing as a tool for personal growth and satisfaction.


  • Strong voice that easily projects across large rooms yet maintains a soft edge that is amiable
  • Excellent Knowledge base of Yoga Principles, practice and safe adjustments.
  • High Comfort level in visual demonstrations and Verbal Cues
  • Well balanced approach to physical and spiritual aspects of Yoga Practice to provide students a wonderful experience